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why you absolutely should watch 'the fall guy'

David Leitch’s ‘The Fall Guy’ serves as a love letter to the stunt community and a stunt showcase spectacular in the skin of a classic romantic comedy. Directed by David Leitch (ex-stuntman himself), and starring Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt, this movie blends action and romance to highlight the best of both genres and remind audiences how much fun can be had while watching a movie.

The movie follows Colt Seavers, a stuntman whose career was derailed by a serious injury on set, as he’s called to work when the star of a big-budget blockbuster goes missing. The story is loosely based on an 80’s TV show of the same name.

David Leitch’s value as an experienced stuntman turned director is made clear through his direction of this movie. With frequent high-quality, dynamic, and visually captivating action sequences, it’s hard to look away from the screen for its 126-minute runtime. 


While the whole cast contributes to the movie's quality, Ryan Gosling stands out as the movie’s lead. Gosling’s cool, quiet charisma and comedic talent suit this role perfectly, allowing him to shine in a performance that works with the movie’s fast-paced action themes to keep the audience emotionally invested and visually engaged.


The movie’s writing provides a lot of comedic relief, but it also serves to appreciate stuntmen & women for their role in making movies, and the craft of making a movie itself. Most of the movie’s romantic themes are also explored through the dialogue, supported by the chemistry between leads Gosling & blunt, to create a relationship that viewers can root for and invest in.


Creative, dynamic stunts & fight sequences, film sets, and vibrant colours all help bring this story to life, with a soundtrack that excites the audience and perfectly underpins the tone/style of the movie.


With a hefty 2-hour runtime, ‘The Fall Guy’ has all the time it needs to explore its varying themes and plotlines, but thanks to multiple high-quality action sequences, the movie doesn’t drag and runs out its 2-hour clock in what feels like no time.

The primary theme here is the showcasing of stunts and the appreciation of stuntpeople in Hollywood (who have long been overlooked by the industry and audiences alike). At a time when the industry is in such a state of flux, and many parties are speaking out to get what they feel they deserve, ‘The Fall Guy’ serves as a reminder that the stunt community plays an integral role in making the movies that audiences love.

Overall, ‘The Fall Guy’ is a fast-paced stunt extravaganza with lots of laughs, a compelling romance, and wall-to-wall action. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, lighthearted, and exciting movie that’ll hold your attention throughout. Watch during the week, or save it till the weekend, but whenever you do, be sure to make an event out of it! It’s worth it. 

binge god's RATING: 8/10

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