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binge god origins

I spent a large majority of my childhood grounded. I wasn’t particularly badly behaved, mind you, I just had a bad habit of talking at the wrong time. As a result of my constant confinement, I spent a lot of time inside, which meant I spent a lot of time watching TV.


Between the limited choice of the pre-streaming era, and constant power outages disrupting the download process, I often turned to friends who had managed to stockpile whole seasons of shows and movies on their hard drives. 

A wiser kid might’ve paced himself a little, spread the viewing out and made it last for weeks, but I burned through whole seasons in just a few nights. A few glorious nights. And thus, the seed was planted.


Fast forward to 2019, I’m working in the digital space, acutely aware of how many people have built empires for themselves based solely on their online presence, and I want in. Having failed to develop any other interests, I thought about what I was passionate about (watching/talking about shows and movies), my skills (writing, branding, social media, an eye for visuals) and how I could turn those things into a unique product/service that would genuinely benefit people, and thus, BINGE GOD was born.

Long-term, I’d like to secure some actual critic credentials, monetise the brand, and gain the attention of/work with the big streaming companies.

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